Bi-Monthly Newsletter – May to June 2018

Long-time no see – my apologies.  Now, have you got your feet up?


Jobs to do in your garden during May:

  • Last chance to get summer produce harvested, don’t forget to save some seed!
  • Fertilise your lawn, or sow a new one
  • Roses should be slowing down, stop dead-heading and discard any fallen leaves – don’t compost them
  • Replenish your vege gardens with compost, sheep pellets and blood & bone
  • Slugs and snails LOVE wet weather, go on a snail hunt at night!
  • Better get your bulbs in, try bulb baskets and a small stake so you can keep a track of where they are
  • Spray your roses and fruit trees (not apricots though) with copper at leaf fall to prevent fungal infections
  • Rake up leaves from those beautiful deciduous trees, place in a bag, wet them, tie the bag, cut some holes and put them aside for lovely compost next year
  • Spread some leaf mould/ compost around your fruit trees, just keep it away from their base


Jobs to do in your garden during June:

  • Spread neem granules absolutely every where
  • Have a crop rotation plan and plant cabbage, cauli, broccoli, beetroot, silver beet and spinach seedlings
  • Prepared beds are ready for strawberries and garlic
  • Plant deciduous fruit and citrus trees
  • Spray everything with neem oil to sort out over-wintering bugs
  • Prune hydrangeas
  • Bring on the colour with primula, pansies, violas and polyanthus
  • Get new rose beds ready
  • Time to bring in tender plants
  • Cleaned, sharpened and oiled your tools yet?
  • Grab a coffee and search seed catalogues for new and exciting plants to try
  • Plan your garden alterations for next year including crop rotations
  • Shred paper to add to your compost bin


Did you know?

  • Neem is a natural pesticide from the Neem tree that is also a soil conditioner. It stops pests from feeding and they starve to death.  This can then, with repeated applications, stop an unwanted infestation.  It doesn’t hurt bees or beneficial insects.  Stops nematodes, thrips, aphids and even porina!  Just make sure you spray the oil just before sunset.  As it is an oil you don’t spray when the sun it out, it’ll burn your plants.


How can you help?

  • There has been a lot of talk about single use plastic bags etc and now some businesses are finding new innovative ways to help reduce waste. We can all make a difference with a few small changes. Instead of using plastic food wrap try these really cool wraps from LilyBee. They’re made from 100% cotton with a natural solution of beeswax, tree resin and organic coconut oil.  Visit
  • Next time you get your groceries, take some reusable shopping bags and have them in your car/s. Some New World super markets refund you 5c for each reusable bag you use

Especially for you:

  • Power naps of 10-15 minutes can give you a burst of alertness, energy and creativity (just make sure your boss doesn’t see you!)
  • Time for Buccaline Berna for up to three months of protection from the complications of colds and flu. Available from your chemist – fantastic product
  • Take time for a meander around your garden or around the streets, smell the flowers and just relax
  • Get in touch with Mother Earth, walk barefoot outside for 30+ minutes. Lawn or beach, it doesn’t matter – do both!
  • Just do something completely for you and you alone. You deserve it and remember, you are important



Remember, do nothing and you’ll keep receiving my newsletters.  However, if you do not wish to receive them, please by all means let me know.


Take care and take Thyme Out.




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